Basic information for connecting to the WiFi network at Dormitory B

  1. Give a notice to your accommodation-office if you want to use your laptop (wireless device). Then pay the WiFi network connection Fee in cash-office (ground floor of building B).
  2. Connect to the network knetreg, which is unsecured and allows you to register the device.
  3.  Windows Vista, Windows 7
     Windows XP
  4. The web browser: type
    Log in and fill the MAC address of wireless device that you wish to join and create a new password for WiFi. The password must be different from password you have set in the Student Information System (HROCH).
    Finding the MAC address on Windows:
    Start -> Run -> type cmd and Enter -> type in opened window ipconfig /all -> press Enter -> then look up for Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection -> and your MAC addres of WiFi device is located in Physical Address (MAC) (00:00:00:00:00:00).
  5. If you have registered the MAC address and created the password properly, wait at least one hour. Then download following PDF:
    In case you do not have any PDF viewer, you can download Foxit Reader.
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