We are on the 3-or-more-bed room with 2 network plugs only, any solution?

21. 10. 2009, 10:34
You can come to PC laboratory at dormitory JIH, where you can report your problem and your plug will be split.

I have changed some info - how long do I have to wait?

19. 09. 2008, 00:24
Every change You make in association with the Network connection fee, change of MAC address, room no. change etc. is executed in 1 or 2 hours.

SMTP server

02. 04. 2015, 13:59
SMTP server of dormitory network connection can be used at: smtp.kolejsit.czu.cz
no authorization is required

Are there any fees in association with Dormitory network connection?

30. 09. 2013, 09:49
You have to inform the boss of Your dormitory that You want to use computer and dormitory network connection.
You pay fee (SIC building): 162 CZK for PC and network connection (monthly).
You have to pay this fee until 15th day of current month so as not to be disconnected from the dormitory network connection.
In case You are using the connection only for 1 month (and You have informed the boss of Your dormitory) the dormitory network connection will be canceled at end of month.

What do I have to fullfil to be connected to PC network?

29. 08. 2008, 19:01
You should
1) register a valid MAC address
2) use the proper networking cable
3) pay the Network connection fee
4) respect the Regulations

IP address - what is it?

29. 08. 2008, 18:43
Its an unique identification of an network accessory - more info at IP address - wikipedia

Basic info about dormitory network connection

19. 09. 2008, 00:22
The dormitory network connection can be used at 8 buildings - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I - 2x 100Mbps plugs in each students' room.
The central connection among dormitories is based on metalic and optical cables and it is connected into academical network of CULS.

MAC address - How to find it?

03. 08. 2016, 11:23
To find MAC address of Your computer open Start Menu, pres Run, type cmd.exe and then ipconfig -all.
Guide is available at \\\"Setting PC\\\" bookmark.

MAC address - what is it?

03. 08. 2016, 11:20
An unique number to identify networking cards - more info MAC address - wikipedia
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